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In Support of Gay Marriage

Ok y’all, this is a mini rant post. I thank you in advance for listening. Every morning before I get out of bed, I read Facebook. This is something I’ve … Continue reading

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THIS IS SPARTA! (and by “Sparta” I mean “MC”…)

*Reading a really thick and intimidating book, something by Dostoyevsky or someone else with too many consonants in their name, then looks up at you, half surprised* Oh hey, I … Continue reading

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TED TALKS: LA’s Guerilla Gardener

Ron Finley talks about guerilla gardening in Los Angeles – and how a little gardening can go a long way to help out a disadvantaged community.  I think there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Ah, puberty.  What magical times those were.  Even now at 26, I still can’t get over the horror of middle school.  I look back on it as a time of … Continue reading

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It’s Sheri!

Hey Y’all! My name is Sheri Dawn Bradford (Demore if you’re nasty… or if you just want to use my other last name, your choice). I know the first question … Continue reading

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Talking about myself is uncomfortable, so I’m going to do it as statistically as possible.  As of this writing I’m 26, but 27 is barreling towards me without any consideration for my … Continue reading

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Nuva Bling

Birth control allows us to pursue our careers worry free, while Nuva Bling allows us to keep that little touch of femininity…

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My Dog is Fat.

If one more person tells me my dog is fat, I will…try to make them shut up as politely as possible.  If we’re being honest.  But if we’re being really honest (we?) … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Flower Show

When I think about intense nerdiness, I think about hope.  Nothing is more hopeful than being nerdy enough to attend a flower show, and being confident enough to be a … Continue reading

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2011: A Year in Review

2011, what a year!  Can’t say I’m too sorry to see it gone, though.  The stories that haunted us this year proved only that not much has changed since Y2K. … Continue reading

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