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The Boston I remember.

The Boston I remember was the first away trip I took without my parents. It was for Harvard Model Congress and I was a freshman in high school. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel by the Prudential Center and it was the first time I fell in love with a city.

The Boston I remember was being accepted in BU’s business program my senior year of hs, but decided that I was too afraid to move away from everything I’ve ever know. I was 17 and thought that Jersey was going to be enough. (HEY, it is lovely here, I swear.)

The Boston I remember was getting the second chance to be fortunate enough to attend Emerson College when I was finally ready to leave NJ. This Boston was where I met two people, that regardless of time or distance, I know I can rely on and turn to. They are also my fellow writers, MJ, Natalya, and Sheri, and in meeting MJ, has also linked me to the rest of the writers here. The Boston I remember allowed me to finally make a decision on my degree and prepared me for my future and enhanced my appreciation for cities and people and the connections we make with one another.

The Boston that I know is a place where college kids come, afraid of what’s to come but so excited to be in a place where hundreds of kids are experiencing the same things as they are. The Boston that I know is where we all fell in love with the beautiful Charles River, the T even if it did stop at 1am, and the city streets that never seemed overly crowded until you got on the green line towards Boston College. The Boston I know won the World Series in 2007, and regardless of not being a huge fan of baseball and winning in Colorado, went outside to fill the streets in celebration because of the infectious atmosphere that Bostonians create, native or not.  The Boston that I know is full of people who regardless of where we came from will always have a special place because of everything we were fortunate enough to experience there.

Boston is a place I will always hold dearly to my heart. It’s the first city I ever fell in love with.


From the roof of my last apartment in Boston overlooking the Charles River. The Citgo sign, though somewhat of an eyesore, will always be a sign that home is never too far. I apologize for the lack of quality of these photos.Image


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