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I’m Natalya. Natalya

I was born in the States, grew up in Norway, and am constantly trying to figure out where I fit into this world as a result. I am a grass is greener kind of person, always seeing how I could be somewhere else, doing something else. It’s confusing and tiring and exciting and humbling. All at once.

I’m living in Norway again. I spent the first half of my twenties studying and working on the East Coast of the U.S., with a stint in London to get smart i.e. a master’s degree. Coming back to the country I grew up in after being gone most of my adult life was a bigger culture shock than I could’ve imagined, but now I’m in the process of learning how to recognize what life is so I can take it for just that. To find ways to be excited and find meaning without letting all the choices and restlessness and missing out get too big to handle.

I care deeply about people, I love connecting. I love cooking and the subsequent eating of the cooking, I love clever, intriguing stories, I love being lazy and I love working hard.

That’s me.


About Natalya

I was born in the States and grew up in Norway and am a good, confused mixture of the two. I worked in documentary films for a few years in NYC, before studying Environment & Development in London. Now I'm working as a coordinator in feature films in Oslo. I can't seem to stop traveling or cooking. Stumbling through life, but have settled into a nice cozy apartment in Oslo for the time being.

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