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THIS IS SPARTA! (and by “Sparta” I mean “MC”…)

Sam & Ella's Contributor: MC*Reading a really thick and intimidating book, something by Dostoyevsky or someone else with too many consonants in their name, then looks up at you, half surprised*

Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. Welcome to the introduction of me, MC. My real name is Michelle, but there are just too many “Michelle”s in the world to keep track of, so I go by my initials. And no, I do not DJ. I did once have an opportunity to say “Hello, I’m MC, and I’ll be your ‘MC’ this evening” but I was so preoccupied by mastering the ceremony, that I forgot. And it’s been my only regret in life thus far (category: unrelated to alcohol).

In my few moments of spare time, I’m a minimalist musician (that’s the nice way of saying “I suck at playing instruments”). I have a few self-recording projects and  a YouTube channel where I try to adapt really bad pop songs on the ukulele, like Lady Gaga and Ricky Martin. I’m also a live-music junkie and spend all my money on concert tickets instead of paying my car insurance on time.

I live just outside Philly all by my lonesome, which is fine because it means I can binge-watch as much Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix as I want without anyone judging me. I work full-time for an outreach department, and part-time in a high school girl’s dorm, and I’m well aware I’m greedy holding onto 2 jobs. I drive a white PT Cruiser named Clyde. And my spirit animal is probably something like a raccoon or squirrel…some kinda rodent.

Most of what I write about is confusion about this state of life I keep hearing being referred to as “adulthood.” Like, when I do something grown-up, like buy a wreath to hang on my apartment door or candlesticks for my kitchen table, I freak out and need to eat a whole jar of maraschino cherries or something to balance it out. I think I’m getting the hang of it, the other day I reordered checks and didn’t laugh once at the fact that I actually have a checking account…


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About MC

Your run of the mill hopeless 20-something from Philly discovering what it means to be adult, and what parts of that I can get away with not doing. Minimalist musician, sporadic writer, hazelnut latte junkie, and bubble bath aficionado.

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