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Talking about myself is uncomfortable, so I’m going to do it as statistically as possible.  As of this writing I’m 26, but 27 is barreling towards me without any consideration for my own preferences – which is to remain 24 (already too late) – and in 26 years I have managed to fit in the following:

I lived in Boston and Sudbury and Natick and Cambridge, Massachusetts for 17 years;  outside of London in the UK for part of 4 years (my family lived there while I was in college); then Pennsylvania near Philadelphia for the past too many years.  I am very excited to leave.  If I had it my way, I’d move every 6 months and change jobs just as frequently. I am told this is both irresponsible and abnormal, but I can’t help but think from my own head.  I’m sure we all have at least that much in common.

Speaking of travel I have been (SO FAR) to 17 countries in Europe, the North American Continent, Latin America, and South America.  I have yet to travel to Asia but I have some plans in the works.

I’ve been married for a year-and-a-half and love my husband, who a better human being than I am but also much lazier.  We balance each other…most of the time.  We have two dogs, we live in the suburbs in a rented home where we love to garden and do home improvement/DIY projects.  We are huge fans of the Dog Whisperer and have trained our doggies based on Cesar’s principles, and we think they’ve turned out okay so far!  We love our friends and families, and enjoy travel.

In addition to gardening and DIY/interior design, I love painting, drawing, YOGA, skiing, EATING AND COOKING, I am trying desperately to love running, and I just love life in general.  I very much want to learn how to hang glide and wish to be at minimum bilingual before I die – which could happen at any moment, which is why it’s so important to live life not only with an eye towards adventure but with constant awareness of the beauty of the world and love for your fellow man.

I have a Bachelor’s in History from Bryn Athyn College, and currently work at a nonprofit in Philadelphia through AmeriCorps VISTA.  My dream is to combine yoga instruction with freelance writing and hopefully – someday when I stop wanting to move every few months – have some babies.  Yikes.  Someday.  Not right now.

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