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The Philadelphia Flower Show

When I think about intense nerdiness, I think about hope.  Nothing is more hopeful than being nerdy enough to attend a flower show, and being confident enough to be a nerd.  It always amazes me how crowded the Flower Show is, only because so many people I know make fun of me for attending.  But there’s no shame in wishing for spring and reveling in the beauty of a room full of flowers – even if trying to recognize plant names and take notes for your own garden, for the day when it’s finally time to get your hands and knees dirty while putting things in the ground and hoping they grow is nerdy.

This is the era of nerds.  Events nationwide – from South by Southwest to Comic Con to the Philadelphia Flower Show to Ted Talks – we love to get together and listen to information about movies, gardening, career advice, and technology and music.  We even dress up for these events!  This is all stuff high school told us was lame.  It is incredibly freeing to be an adult.

Samantha and I attended the Philadelphia Flower Show this past Sunday, March 10.  It was packed with flower lovers of all ages (or people dragged there by flower lovers).  The theme was British Garden, and we enjoyed the flowers – almost as much as we enjoyed the shopping.  Turns out going on the last day was genius, because everything was BOGO or 50% off.  I have it on good word from my coworkers that they throw out everything after the show, and apparently there’s a dumpster somewhere waiting to be raided for home decor.  Enjoy the photo gallery, for the nerd in all of us.

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This entry was posted on March 13, 2013 by in Art & Culture.
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